Trade Shows

Innovative VMECA vacuum products and its unique solutions are shown on the following exhibitions throughout the world:

2019 Exhibition Schedule

DateExhibitionBooth #CompanyCountry
March 4~6 Sino-Pack VMECA(Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. Guangzhou, China
April 1~5 Hannover Messe 2019 Hall 17, Stand B02 VMECA GmbH Hannover, Germany
May 15~18 Metaltech Impresstech Engineering Sdn Bhd. Bangkok, Thailand
May 21~24 Seoul Food 2019 8H, 362 VMECA Co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea
June 12~15 Propak Asia 2019 Hall 98, AK22 VMECA(Thailand) Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
June 19~21 Propak China 2019 VMECA(Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China
July 24~26 ALSR ’19 TATSUTA Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Sep. 18~20 RoboDEX NAGOYA ’19 TATSUTA Co., Ltd. Nagoya, Japan
Sep. 30~Oct. 3 TAROPAK Pneumat System Sp. z o.o. Pozna, Poland
Oct. 1~3 Hi Tech Industry 2019 Metal Work Danmark AS Herning, Denmark
Oct. 2~4 M-Tech 2019 TATSUTA Co., Ltd. Osaka, Japan
Oct 20~23 Metalex VMECA(Thailand) Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 18~21 International ROBOT TATSUTA Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan