Покраска / Защитное покрытие

Vacuum Conveyor, as one of the core products of VMECA, is a highly corrosive material (acid-resistant, alkali-resistant). Easily maintenance and perfect seal structure make service life longer and Improve reliability, also can improve the working environment.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Simple Installation.

The compact size and weight allow the user to design and operate with ease.  This allows for cost savings in the installation and maintenance process.

 Easy for Cleaning.

Since the Conveyor is divided into several different components, it can be easily disassembled. Made of high-grade SUS, you may also rinse down without concerns of corrosion.

Environmental Dust Eliminated.

VMECA’s Conveyor comes equipped with 0.5-micron filter and airtight seals to prevent dust and powder from escaping through the conveyor. This ensures that even the smallest granules are not released into the atmosphere in the work environment.

Easy Maintenance.

VMECA’s Conveyor systems utilize out internationally patented vacuum cartridges. You are able to quickly replace them if problems arise during operation.  You may also add or reduce the number of cartridges being used to control the vacuum flow.

VMECA Vacuum in application

Product 1 Conveyor VTC600-C2-AC-B-M(316L)
Product 2
Product 3