“Smart Cup”, one of VMECA’s core product is applicable to a wide range of industries. In steel plates body line application, the product can be transported stably by fixing the moving object perfectly. Our VMECA Vacuum Products are used in a wide variety of related industries.

Requirements in Application & Advantages with VMECA

Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency.

With VMECA’s innovative Vacuum Cartridge technology, you can generate high vacuum with minimal air supply.  Even with an unstable air supply pressure, the Vacuum Cartridges are able to maintain steady performance.

Transferring Stability.

The Smart Cup is able to absorb the shock when transporting the workpiece. This allows the workpiece to be transferred safely and quickly.

Optimal Performance under Bad Conditions.

The Turtle Pumps automatic cleaning functions allow optimum performance even in dusty environments. The blow-off functions help keep the integrated filter element clean after each cycle.

Convenient Maintenance.

There are no tools needed when replacing the Sealing Lip on the Smart Cup. This allows for minimal downtime and quick changeovers when an application changes.

VMECA Vacuum in application 

Product 1 Valock System BX205-VDF60-BJ-PU-18F
Product 2 Turtle Pump VTC3031-2-ASV-D3R3-DL-SG2
Product 3 Smart Cup VDF60-SM-PU-L50-18F