Water Free Unit

Артикул: WF38L

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Compressed air is a reliable power source that is widely used throughout many industries. One of the common issues with using compressed air is that condensation can happen from the severe temperature changes that may occur during the compression process. If the compressed air is mixed with any moisture, it may cause damage to the equipment that the compressed air is supplied to. The Water-Free Unit was designed to remove any moisture from the compressed air.

Operating Principle

Compressed-air is supplied into ① the INLET port on the Water Free, then the air passes through ② the DIFFUSER. Compressed-air that passes through the DIFFUSER is usually a combination of air and moisture. The incoming compressed air is pushed into ③ the LIQUID SEPARATOR. The moisture falls through the LIQUID SEPARATOR, and the air is able to exhaust out without any moisture.

① Air Inlet
② Diffuser
③ Liquid Separator
④ Filter
⑤ Water-Free Unit Body
⑥ Auto-Drain




General Specifications

Max Flow Rate 650 Nl/min
Depression 0.2 bar
Operating Pressure 3~10 bar
Water Drain Effect 99 %
Oil Removal 70 %
Drainage Method Automatic
Air Supply Port G3/8″
Drain Outlet Push-in fitting for outer diameter Ø6 mm air-hose
Size Ø90 X 364 mm
Weight 1.85 Kg



WF38L-A Dimensions
G G3/8″
H1 362 mm
H2 346 mm
H3 175 mm
H4 170 mm
D1 90 mm
D2 80 mm
W 56 mm

Order Numbers

Water Free Unit & Spare Parts

Item Description
WF-38L-AB Water-free unit, G3/8″ port, Auto-drain, Mounting bracket
WF-38L-A Water-free unit, G3/8″ port, Auto-drain
WF-38L Water-free unit, G3/8″ port
13S021 Auto Drain, 402-04


Catalog & CAD files

CAD 2D File
WF38L dwg.png
CAD 3D File
WF38L stp.png
WF38L pdf.png